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“The Loss of Impressions”


JANUARY 14- 18

For the Loss of Impression, the traditional culture of Tibetan who is the neighbor of heaven is my choice. I am trying to bridge the linkage between traditional Tibetan culture and traditional photography which I have touched in the mountains of Qinghai, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, and Tibet (including Ali(Ngari) area).

During creating those works, I have transferred back to the different time-space by using 8X10 wood camera, which emerged one hundred years ago and Zeiss lens (Protar Series / f:18) that has been sealed in the history already. The 8X10 photograph is not only of better penetrative view, but the traditional technique that has few changes in the past one hundred years. That has endowed me with a better experience of the work one hundred years ago and a better understanding of the present Tibetan who still embrace their tradition tightly. I have found the linkage between the two kinds of traditions. To create an experience, as any experiences in your life, is depen